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Stone Restoration & Exclusives

Improve your stonework's appeal with stone restoration and seam refinishing from Jeffress Stone in Baltimore, Maryland. Your stone always looks professional when we handle your job because we pay attention to detail to ensure that it is smooth and free of faults. We offer exclusive techniques that enhance your stone quality for a durable, stain resistant, perfect seamed stone countertop. If you have existing faults from a previous installer, whether nic's, noticeable large seams, or even cracks, we can fix your stone to look and feel brand new. From fabrication, to your stone installation, we work with you along the way to guarantee the quality of your stone.

Perfect Seam Process
We offer an exclusive technique that is limited by other granite countertop installers and stone fabricators. We can guarantee a perfect seam, making it nearly impossible to see or feel on your countertop. Perfect seams are undetectable, transforming any stone countertop into a masterpiece. Perfect seams are often requested by someone looking for stone restoration on a pre-existing man-made or all natural stone countertop like soapstone, marble, quartz, or granite. Our perfect seams are the number one asked for maintenance on countertop repair, and distinguish us from the average stone fabricator. Jeffress Stone offers many stone restoration and refinishing options on any existing countertop. Perfect seams can be included in any natural or man-made stone.

Be sure to request the perfect seam process when requesting your quote or estimate!

Stone Restoration - Bring New Life To Your Kitchen!
Correct flaws in your stone's finish with our stone restoration and refinishing service from Jeffress Stone. We have expert craftsmen on staff to assess your natural stone surfaces and refinish/restore them to make them look brand new, on site. If you're existing countertop has detectable seams, we can refinish them with our perfect seam process within just a couple hours. Any noticeable crack, nic, or hole can also be mended and re-polished. Feel free to contact us with questions you may have about the faults in your current natural or man-made stone countertop or other form of stone. We will be happy to work with you to correct as many flaws as possible to bring new life to your home, that looks great for a longer time.

Check Out This Before & After of A Job Installed By A Different Business. We Put in A Fresh Stone, and Gave It Our Prefect Seam.

Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration