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Glassos Kitchen

Have you ever wondered if Glass Countertops are an option?

Let us introduce you to Glassos, The Glass Countertop. 

How are Glass Countertops and Flooring Possible? 

Glassos is Uniquely Produced by CCS Stone 

Glass Bathroom

Our Glassos Kitchen Pictures

Our Glassos Bathroom Pictures


Glassos Options

Glassos Crystal White Satin Finish

Glassos Crystal White Satin Finish

Glassos Crystal White

Glassos Crystal White

Glassos Nano White (Close Up)

Glassos Nano White (Close Up)

Glassos® Crystal White and Glassos® Nano White surfaces are hard, dense and virtually maintenance free.  

Made from only the finest minerals, using the most advanced manufacturing technology,  

 The material is formed with high temperature, without the use of resins or harmful chemicals.

Uses include flooring, walls and other surfaces for interior and exterior applications where a resilient pure white material is required.

All Glassos® products are UV stable, stain and abrasion resistant and may be fabricated by any skilled stone shop.

In addition to a polished finish, slabs and tiles are available in our exclusive Satin Texture finish.

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