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More Stones & Surface Materials

Every time you purchase natural stone, you are getting something unique and unlike what anyone else has. Therefore, the different colors and patterns to choose from are endless. We've tried to share with you all of the most common stones and surface materials; as well as the new and exclusive Dekton and Glassos Surfaces. 

*Keep in mind, stone is unique to an individual and limited plot of land. The shades in one area of ground are expected to vary slighty. This also implies that our materials and suppliers materials are alway changing. 


We all know where stone comes from. 

Actual fossils are found in every slab of natural stone. Fossils from thousands of years of earth's long history.

This makes every slab unique to it's individual history from the ground it came from, now for you to admire in your home for years to come.

Granite Slab Shell Fossil


Did you know stones can glow?

You can place light underneath Onyx, creating a glowing all-natural stone right in your living space.

onyx staircase glows

& More Stones



Soapstone is such a Traditional Natural Stone.

There are quite a few different variations of soapstone, all of them leaving magnificent impressions. 

soapstone kitchen Soapstone Kitchen Photo Gallery




Quartzite Countertops Quartzite is a Natural Stone quarried by many leading brands. Quartzite is a hard material that does not stick to any particular color rangers. It is classified more on it's mineral make up.


Quartzite Kitchen Photo Gallery










 Lava Stone







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